Chase Charlton White​​
CHASE Your Dreams Foundation
In 2016, after losing Chase, and hearing from so many kids that had been impacted and inspired by my son, I was motivated in less than a week to
set up this non-profit in his name.  We are dedicated to assisting students  so that they may participate in camps such as Mini-town, Any-town,
Young Life and Sport Camps to name a few.      

Why the color Purple?  Chase had been bullied in elementary school. His whole life turned around at Akimel Middle School.  He and one
of these kids from elementary school went to Mini-town together.  This camp is a place where kids feel safe, they bond and inevidibly when
they return it's a big "cry-fest" as they hug, not wanting to separate.   We use the color purple for everything related to Chase because it
represents anti-bullying.  It should also be said that all bad feelings are left up at camp.  Chase was so moved by the affect the camp had on him,
he immediately signed up to be a Mini-Town counselor with plans of going on to Any-Town.

​In honor of Chase, Akimel Middle School gives out three $50 scholarships yearly to well-deserving 8th graders.  The scholarships are named

Chase Charlton White CHASE YOUR DREAMS is a ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Chase was very active on both his middle school and
his high school campuses where he held many student positions, which included Student Class President on both campuses.  I started this
foundation to honor my son's memory and to assist other students in our communities to participate in programs and activities that allow them to
identify their goals and CHASE their dreams.

Since the foundation's inception last March, we have been able to give scholarships to students so that they could participate in activities such as
Desert Vista Football Camp, provide funding toward out-of-state cheer competition, provide sports equipment,  Mini -Town Scholarships were
provided at both Akimel and Altadena Middle Schools as well as Any -Town. ​ We have been blessed by our friends at the Fiesta Bowl Committee,
who  provided the Any -Town Scholarship last year.